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Technical Consultant and DevOps Engineer

Building modern software systems is a challenging job now days. Clear understanding of the systems, knowledge of various techniques and architecture helps to cope with these challenges.
Your system can scale like Zoom did it during Covid-19 without issue or fail and face challenges like Signal faced on 15th-January 2021.

At-least you need clear understanding of these 3 elements and know that what they mean along with various techniques, architectures and algorithms used to achieve these goals.

System should be performing correct functions and working correctly with desired level of performance. Even when things go wrong. …

Before this I have worked with Apache Kafka as DevOps Engineer. My experience with Queue systems(kafka/rabbitmq) is mostly in deploying and maintaining monitoring stacks. Where system like Kafka helped to ingest millions of metric points per hour without any reduction in performance.

It got me curious to learn about it that how to decrease high latency of systems and Increase response time even during traffic spikes or high volume data? Also how a DevOps Engineer can utilize it for their custom services

PS: This is just my learning experience here.Where …

I always have wondered how much I need to know about Redis as DevOps Engineer. Why developers use it and why it is hot in the tech community?

Redis is an open-source key-value store and it is mostly used for Cache but Redis is much more than a cache. It has an in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache, and message broker.

What you must need to know about Redis

Upgrade Redis version
Newer versions of Redis can derive the benefits of performance optimization in many ways, not just in memory management. Redis version 4.0 or later, and version 5.0 has a better strategy. If you are…

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